Pancreatic section

The Pancreatic Section will focus on the technical aspects of pancreatic surgery and will also consider theoretical issues ranging from the taking charge of the patient to the treatment of benign disorders and of pancreatic tumours, with a special emphasis on controversial topics.

Surgical interventions such as laparoscopic/robotic pancreaticoduodenectomy, distal pancreatectomy with or without spleen preservation, RAMPS, central pancreatectomy and enucleation will be analysed in detail using high-definition videos, the presentation of technical tips, live interventions and specifically by presenting the different approaches of different surgeons.

The most complex topics will be examined in depth with keynote lectures presented by the most knowledgeable experts; webinars will allow to examine the critical factors of the different approaches.

Special attention will be paid to complex cases and to the prevention and treatment of intra- and postoperative complications.

Minimally invasive pancreatic surgery is currently in its evolutionary phase and hence approaches and indications vary considerably from centre to centre; the existence of a dedicated website can only facilitate the standardisation of practices and of indications through the exchange of data and of surgical techniques. In addition, this initiative may also favour multicentre scientific research, which is essential for the validation of different therapeutic strategies.


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