LIVEAS Project

After a long validation phase, minimally invasive hepato-bilio-pancreatic surgery is now in full development with a growing number of European and World Centres that have achieved top technical standards in using this approach, for the benefit of many patients.

Aim of this surgical technique is to provide the best possible treatment for the most frequent liver, biliary and pancreatic tumours and benign disorders, with less invasiveness for the patient, less pain and a faster post-operative recovery.

The surgical approach is complex and requires a combination not only of special skills but also of important technological support and training.

LIVEAS has been established in order to create a community of specialists – mainly surgeons, but not only – interested in laparoscopic and/or robotic minimally invasive hepato-bilio-pancreatic surgery and willing to share their experiences and to promote scientific research and training. An online platform is the ideal training tool for minimally invasive surgery as the use of high-definition videos, live and chat sessions are essential for teaching and learning.

Moreover, the possibility to share the experiences of different groups, to report the results of the most important studies and congresses and to promote new research work is an opportunity not to be missed for the advancement of minimally invasive hepato-bilio-pancreatic surgery.

The website consists of two main sections, one focused on hepatobiliary diseases and the other on pancreatic disorders. The world’s leading specialists will be able to contribute to the website with videos, keynote lectures, live contributions and much more. In addition, webinars (on-line conferences) on specific topics will be organised regularly.

We are proud and honoured to present LIVEAS; we are confident that this website will allow an improvement in patient care.

Dr. Alessandro Ferrero
Chief of General and Oncological Surgery,
Mauriziano Hospital,
Torino – Italy

Dr. Edoardo Rosso
Director of the Department of General
Surgery of the Poliambulanza Foundation
Institute of Brescia.


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